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Pregnancy Advisor

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Simple to use yet highly informative pregnancy wheel application with features no other iPhone app offers.

This app has all the features that you would expect: setting the calculations by entering dates such as last mentrual period, ovulation, or expected due date. But it also allows customization by entering additional information such as average cycle length, mother's ethnicity, and pre-pregnancy weight to allow reporting of extra information.

All result data from established scientific organizations such as American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Mayo Clinic.

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Card Screen Search Screen Labs Card Pregnancy Labs Search Pregnancy Monograph Description
Important Dates Search View Maternal Calculations Fetal Calculations Flexible Date Entry
View and quickly set important dates. Traditional and more contemporary estimates Calculations of expected weight gain for the mother Estimations of baby's current weight and size Enter dates using date wheel or numeric entry.
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Enter information for the expectant mother for more accurate results



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