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RH Medical Labs

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RH Medical Labs integrates the latest sophisticated technologies into an elegant, intuitive, and highly customizable graphical interface that presents both pediatric and adult lab info in US or SI units along with monographs with clinical significance, pearls, and other essential information. The data is presented the way medical professionals are accustomed to seeing it.

RH Medical Labs aids tremendously in answering the questions of why a test is ordered, and what the results mean. For non-physicians, it even shows you how to read the lab shorthand used by doctors in their charting.

This is the perfect app for anyone that deals with laboratory results. This includes anyone involved with any field of medicine from students to veteran subspecialists: doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, phlebotomists, and lab aids. Now you can have the details of hundreds of the most common labs right at your fingertips.

Some of the features that sets our app apart include:

iPhone 4 Screen Shots

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Card Screen Search Screen Labs Card Pregnancy Labs Search Pregnancy Monograph Description
Card View Search View Card Pregnancy Values Search Pregnancy Values Card Monograph
Intuitive and unique view with many customization options "Traditional" search view with smart search and filtering   Detailed monographs easily accessible from both the Card and Search views. Detailed monographs easily accessible from both the Card and Search views.
Monograph Pearls Search Example Search Monograph Color Picker  
Card Monograph Search Example Search Monograph  Color Picker     


The smart search is capable of matching based on misspellings, acronymns, and abbreviations.   The color of many elements of the interface can be adjusted to suit the user's preference. The color picker allows selection from millions of colors.    


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