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Contacting Technical Support

There are two ways to receive technical support.

We will likely be able to respond to emails more quickly than posts on the forum.

Reporting Program Problems

Inevitably, errors creep into projects despite the best of intentions and some creep right past the beta testers. If you have found an error, please do your post to post instructions so that we can REPRODUCE the error. Just saying "It blows up sometimes!" isn't very helpful in helping us track down a problem. The ideal post would say something along the lines of, "I load the app, then select the options screen and immediately cancel. Then I tap any lab on the screen and the program crashes completely back to the home screen." Also let us know which iPhone version you have and which operating system version is running (e.g. iPhone 3GS with 3.1.3 OS). If we can reproduce the error, we can usually fix it pretty quickly. We will keep track of those who help us find and solve problems and will soon offer an acknowledgments page for those who have been the most helpful.

Reporting Wrong Values

Simply send us a copy of the correct range of that lab along with a citation supporting the value.  We will investigate the issue and if appropriate, make the proper changes.

Again, we will keep a copy of contributors and eventually post a link to acknowledge those who have contributed corrections such as these.