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: "Unregistered" vs "Registered" Users
: Josh November 17, 2010, 06:31:54 AM

What is a "Registered User"?
Registered Users are those that have created their accounts through the registration interface in one of our iPhone apps.

What is an "Unregistered User"?
Anyone who has created their accounts solely through the forum will be labeled as an Unregistered User when posting.  This indicates that while you are registered on the forum, you are not a registered product owner.

What is the difference?
Only Registered Users have access to the free in-app data updates.  Forum access is currently the same for Registered and Unregistered Users, however we do give more priority to posts created by Registered Users and attempt to respond to them more quickly.   This is because, in essence, they have purchased our expedited services when they purchase the product.

I purchased a ResidentHelper application but I am still listed as Unregistered.  How do I change to Registered?
Go to the registration screen in the iPhone app that you have purchased and use the Log In option.  Enter the username and password that you chose for the forum.  Your account will automatically be changed to Registered.

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